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What is Bubble Soccer?

The game itself is a cross between soccer and zorbing, a sport where an individual rolls down the side of a hill or sometimes a level surface in a giant plastic orb. The plastic orb surrounding the player in Bubble Soccer is similar in construction but differs where these allow the player’s legs to run around freely or essentially wear the orb.

The objective of Bubble Soccer is to score against your opponent’s net and knock each other down while trying.  You could argue that this is one of those games where defense is more fun. The game starts much like a competitive game of dodgeball. When players hear the whistle, they fearlessly rush in to the center to find and kick a soccer ball through their about-to-be sweaty bubble suit. 

Players’ hands are fixed inside the bubble, requiring them to maintain balance using just their legs. Mobility is sacrificed in this game – but the bubbles have leveled the playing field for players of different sizes. Leaping ability and stress levels are the two most relevant variables.  And in regard to safety, we think that the coach and players sitting on the bench are in the greatest danger — of an active player accidentally steamrolling the sidelines. It might take a few rotations for players to find their “game legs,” so in the beginning, they often become somewhat of a “human wrecking ball.”


Is it dangerous?

As with any sport there is always a risk.  We do not allow cleats, jewelry or any sharp objects on the playing field.  All players are instructed to play fair and safely.  It is physically demanding so if you have any health concerns you should not play.

Who should not play?

If you suffer from claustrophobia, vertigo or have a medical condition that restricts exercise.  Anyone under the influence of drugs/alcohol will NOT be permitted to play.

Are there age and height restrictions to play Bubble Soccer?

Typically you should be 4'8"-6' 2" tall.  Children should play with similar age group.

I played soccer before. What is unique about playing Bubble Soccer?

The same soccer rules apply with very few adjustments because of the bubble suit. The bubbles will make you experience a game out of the ordinary and a totally delusional experience! Laughter and fun are guaranteed! If you thought Bubble Soccer is reserved only for trained athletes or experienced soccer players, think again! It is a sport for everyone and it requires no special skill.

What does it feel like to be in the Bubble Suit?

The suit is secured to the player via four contact points: Two cushioned safety straps that pass over the shoulder and under the arm and two forward handles for the player to grip. Suit is positioned just over the knee of the average size player, which will reduce the stride level by over 50%. Clearance from the player's head to the top is about 8 to 10 inches. Players must maintain all four points of contact during game play. 

​​What is the damage policy?

​Payer is responsible for returning all bubbles in the same condition as received, and agrees to a $100 fee per bubble if returned damaged.

​What is the cancellation policy?

​Cancellations made two weeks prior to the event will be given a full refund. After the two week mark, deposits are non-refundable, but we will issue a full credit towards another event should you need to reschedule. 

When and how is payment due?

A 50% deposit is required to reserve a date & time. Full payment is due two weeks prior to the event. Payments can be made via Paypal (Credit Card) or check.